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Every year, more and more people in Ireland are becoming qualified as Health Promotion Practitioners. They are joining an existing pool of experienced and highly qualified professionals who are already working in the area. The AHPI aims to bring these highly qualified people together in order to create a growing community of Health Promotion Professionals. In doing this, the AHPI can help to build greater awareness of health promotion and the issues it concerns itself with while providing an active and supportive network for members. 

Who can join?

Membership of the AHPI is open to:

  • People employed to undertake the facilitation or coordination of health promotion, education programmes and health promotion research as their main role
  • People whose role includes an element of health promotion, health education and health promotion research
  • People who have a specialist certificate in health promotion
  • Students of health promotion and health related courses
  • Those who have a qualification in health promotion and are currently seeking work in the area

Your membership of the AHPI will help advance and develop the future of health promotion and health education in Ireland.

How to join the AHPI?

Fill in and submit the online application form (link below). Online payments can be made with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover credit card and will be facilitated through PayPal. It is not necessary to have a PayPal account.

  • Please read in full the AHPI Constitution before you complete the application form.

The AHPI Membership Committee/Executive Committee reviews all new applications on an ongoing basis and may contact applicants if further information is required to support their application.

Benefits of membership:

Membership of only professional network for Health Promotion Practitioners in Ireland:

  • For practitioners who want to be actively involved in shaping the future of health promotion as a profession, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute to the work of the Association through participation on the Executive Committee, various Sub-Groups and/or Special Interest Groups

Opportunity to advocate on health promotion issues:

  • Some examples of our advocacy activity in 2017 include submitting papers to the Department of Finance and Department of Health outlining the evidence for the levy on sugar sweetened drinks, and for an increase in the duty on roll-your-own tobacco (which has been taxed at a much lower level than manufactured cigarettes). We are delighted that both of these issues were included in Budget 2018
  • We are very active on our social media sites supporting the call for the full implementation of the Public Health (Alcohol) Bill
  • We work to support the professionalisation of health promotion on an ongoing basis

Professional Development and CPD Opportunities, e.g. Early access to and reduced registration fees for Study Days, Seminars and Workshops hosted or co-hosted by the Association

Access to 'Members only' resources, e.g. National and International Health Promotion Policies and Strategies; Resources for Practice

Opportunities to network with fellow practitioners 

Regular updates about policy, strategies, projects and events

Attend Annual General Meetings

NOTE: The AHPI logo cannot be used by members for commercial purposes.

Membership fees

In Full or Part time education
Retired from health promotion position

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