IUHPE Renewal

The Association for Health Promotion Ireland has been approved by the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) to facilitate the renewal of registration of IUHPE Health Promotion Practitioners who are registered in Ireland.

Re-registration for practitioners is obligatory after three years and every three years thereafter. All Practitioners who have been registered by the AHPI since the system was established in 2017 can now apply online for re-registration – if you are not sure when your registration expires, please check the Register of Practitioners.

The basic criteria for re-registration are that you are:

  • A registered practitioner within the System
  • An active practitioner with a minimum of 1.5 years of work experience in Health Promotion practice in the preceding three years
  • Able to show that you have completed a minimum of 75 hours across a diversity of CPD activities in the preceding three-year period.

To renew your registration, you must complete a short Word document application form. This form should be downloaded, completed and saved as a .pdf document. The form includes:

  1. A declaration indicating that you:
    • accept the criteria, polices and ethical values underpinning the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System
    • have provided truthful and correct information on the application
    • are fit to practice Health Promotion to the level of competency defined in the System
    • know of no legal, or other issue which could impact on your ability to practice safely, ethically and effectively
    • accept the publication of your name on the list of registered practitioners on the AHPI and IUHPE websites if your application is successful.


  1. Details on your work experience
    • If you are still in the same job with the same role, you only need to confirm this.
    • If you have changed roles (but remain with the same employer), you are required to complete a summary of your current role and indicate how it relates to the agreed definition of Health Promotion used in the System.
    • If you have a new role and a different employer you are required to give details of your new employer and complete a summary of your current role indicating how it relates to the agreed definition of Health Promotion practice and provide a professional reference.


  1. Declaration on CPD activities that states that you have
    • Completed at least the minimum requirement for re-registration i.e. 75 credit hours in the preceding three-year period1. One credit equals the investment of one hour of
      participation in the activity. The CPD hours must be across a diversity of activities and no single category should contribute more than 33% of the total hours achieved.

1During the COVID19 pandemic the registration period was extended by one year, hence some practitioners may submit details of CPD activity over a four-year period.

It is not a requirement that the CPD activities you undertake be formally accredited by the IUHPE or other organisation. However, you must, if required, be able to relate all activities to the IUHPE Core Competencies and Standards to ensure that they have a Health Promotion specific focus. For more details on CPD and tools for recording CPD activity please go to Association for Health Promotion Ireland - Continuing Professional Development (ahpi.ie). You are advised to keep awards, certificate of attendance, etc., related to CPD activities undertaken over the three-year period as you may be required to submit such evidence in the re-registration process and/or at any time in the next three years.


Applications for re-registration are open all year and are assessed on a rolling basis. Where resources allow, you will be sent a reminder to re-register. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that your registration is current and to apply for re-registration well in advance of the end of the three-year period. As formal notification of the outcome of the assessment of your application may take some time, your application may not be processed within the exact three-year time frame. However, once your application is received your name will remain on the list until the assessment is complete (and will continue to do so, of course, if you are assessed as eligible for re-registration). Your name will be removed from the published list of registered practitioners if you do not reapply.


Re-registration Fees


IUHPE re-registration fees are similar to the structure of the initial Practitioner Registration fee, i.e. one element is an Administration fee (to cover costs of processing and assessing applications) and the second element is the Re-registration fee (which covers a three year period). In order to reduce the steps involved in the re-registration process, the AHPI Accreditation Board have decided to incorporate both fees into one payment which is submitted with the application for re-registration.


The fees for re-registration are as follows:

   AHPI member  Non - AHPI member
Application Fee   €25  €30
Re-registration Fee   €70  €95
Total  €95 (includes a non-refundable €25 application fee)  €125 (includes a non-refundable €30 application fee) 


As AHPI members benefit from reduced fees for registration and re-registration, if you want to apply for membership, please do so first, as discounts are valid only for those who are active members at the time of application (Apply here).

Once you submit the completed Application form and re-registration payment, your application will be reviewed by two assessors.

The outcomes of the assessment will be that you are either:

  • Eligible for re-registration


  • Conditionally eligible for re-registration subject to receipt of additional information or to clarification within a 4-week period of the applicant being notified. This option applies where only minor adjustments to either the application or lesser amounts of additional information are required.


  • Not eligible for re-registration. You will be given the reasons for the assessors' decision. If your application is deemed ‘not eligible’ you will be refunded the Re-registration Fee that was part of the payment submitted with your application. An Appeals Procedure is available to those practitioners who wish to appeal the decision.

If you are assessed as meeting the criteria for re-registration your Certificate of Registration will be sent to you and your name will continue to be listed in the IUHPE Health Promotion Accreditation System Global Register and the National Register, and you can use the professional title 'IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioner'. You are re-registered for a period of 3 years. You must undertake Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Activities over the 3 years to be eligible for re-registration.

If you have any queries on the application process, please email renewalregistration@nao.ahpi.ie

Before you submit your application, please

  • Make sure you fill in all sections of the application form, as incomplete applications cannot be processed
  • Save the Application form as a PDF document
  • Save a copy of your application and keep it for your records
  • Ensure that you have collected and retained all relevant information (certificates, awards, etc.) as you may be asked for these at any time during the application process and/or period of registration.
  • Be aware that by submitting this application you are authorising the AHPI and the IUHPE to continue to publish your name in the online Registers of IUHPE Registered Health Promotion Practitioners if your application is successful.
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