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Among the resources available in this section are relevant documents from a number of sources such as Government Departments, World Health Organization, toolkits for practice, relevant Irish and international reports, conference/training presentations, and relevant website links. These resources are presented as downloads and web links.

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Professional Development

A competent workforce with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities in translating policy, theory and research into effective action is critical to the future growth and development of health promotion.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) benefits both practitioners and the organisations they work for, and may involve a wide range of activities. The IUHPE outlines a number of different types of CPD that are valid for the field of health promotion, some of which include:

  • Participating in education/training courses;
  • Participating in group learning on health promotion;
  • Giving a formal presentation;
  • Mentored practice;
  • Peer group learning;
  • Publishing an article;
  • Being active in a national or international Health Promotion professional organisation.

In tandem with the launch of the Register for Health Promotion Practitioners, AHPI has established a CPD Sub Group. This group is in the final stages of drafting a CPD Strategy and a Portfolio document which registered practitioners will use to identify learning needs, record their CPD activities and learning outcomes from same. This work is being supported by third level institutions, the HSE and some non-governmental organisations. AHPI plans to establish a formal programme of CPD linked to the Health Promotion Competencies (CompHP Core Competencies Framework for Health Promotion) in collaboration with third level institutions that deliver health promotion education and training. We will continue to update Members and Registered Practitioners on this regularly

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